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Pillowcase decorative
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Tablecloth on the table
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Pillowcase decorative
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The path to the table
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Buy home textiles TM Provence in Kiev and Ukraine from the online store ProvenceShop

The house is not just a place of residence. We return home at the end of the day to rest and gain strength. We try to make the house a "place of strength" - cozy, comfortable, inspiring. And a significant role in the creation of comfort has home textiles: pleasant to the touch bed clothes, in which we go to rest, beautiful curtains, creating a style and mood of the room, comfortable and nice home clothes, practical textiles for the kitchen and bathroom.

Textiles for the home are those imperceptible, but irreplaceable - in the absence, - small things that create comfort and character of the living quarters.

Order home textiles in Ukraine and Kiev from TM Provence

We offer our customers to buy Ukrainian-made textiles of the trademark "Provence".

In today's rapid pace of life, not every landlady can afford to spend enough time to study the assortment in stores, to create a comfortable and original interior. Therefore, our goal is to help a modern woman in a small miracle: turning a concrete box from walls and ceiling into a happy, cozy, comfortable living space, filled with pleasant, positive energy.

In our online store you will find products for the home:

  • textiles for the kitchen (tablecloths, napkins, aprons, potholders, towels, pads on chairs, etc.);
  • textiles for the bathroom (bathrobes, towels, laundry baskets);
  • textiles for the bedroom (sets of bed linen, or sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases - by the piece, plaids and bedspreads on the bed);
  • Curtains (tulle, hailstones, curtains in the kitchen, curtains, curtains);
  • beautiful and quality clothes for the house (dresses, tunics, shorts and T-shirts, pajamas, etc.);
  • accessories (bags, beauticians, notebooks, covers, boxes);
  • home decor, interior goods (interior toys, storage boxes, wooden decor, candles and candlesticks, photo frames, paintings, baskets and pendants).

The fact that bed linen, towels and other home textiles should be made of natural fabrics, pleasant to the touch, attractive and not allergenic, every mistress knows. Also, important is the value. Therefore, the quality at an adequate price is fundamental for our products.

As a manufacturer of textiles, we take care of the quality of our products and strive to provide good products at affordable prices. If you want to buy home textiles from a Ukrainian manufacturer - welcome to our online home textile store!

Buy home textiles in the online store Provence

Ukrainian textiles of the trademark "Provence" are represented on the market both by an online store and by retail brand shops. But we understand the desire of our customers to make purchases quickly and efficiently and do not waste time and energy on trips and hikes, take into account your employment and the current crazy rhythm of life. Therefore, we are actively developing the direction of sales of home textiles on the Internet.

We will help you to equip the living quarters without additional hassles, buy quality bed linens, towels, tablecloths, renovate the interior with the help of new curtains, decorative decorations for the interior, furniture.

Buy decor for a house in Ukraine and Kiev from TM Provence

Elements of decor - this is the final touch in the creation of the interior. At their selection the main thing is a sense of style and measure. We specialize in textiles and decor for a house in the style of "Provence", and therefore you can safely choose products for the interior in the style of French country from the range of our online store:

  • accessories (bags, cosmetic bags, notebooks, etc.);
  • decorations for the house (caskets, decorative pillows, baskets, etc.);
  • forged furniture and other products for the interior.

The assortment of goods from the online store Provence allows you not only to buy home textiles or home decoration items, but also offers complete solutions for interior decoration and improvement of living space.

Have a nice shopping with TM Provence!